Travelin’ Tuba part one?the case.


Traveling with an instrument this size can be interesting and ? challenging.

Take my Yamaha YBB-103 for example. It’s ideal for my travel because its 3/4 size makes it easier to lug around. The tough part was finding a hard travel-ready case so I could flight check it as luggage.

As you can tell, it doesn’t quite fit.

After an exhaustive search for the appropriate model, I had to settle for something built for a larger instrument and compensate with bubble wrap and more to keep it secure.

There’s even a small Scooby Doo beach ball in the bell to keep it from lurching forward and striking the front of the case.

Once I’ve locked it shut, it’s quite sturdy and safe. It weighs approximately 45 lbs, so it can usually get through baggage check without paying abnormally large fees?just the normally large ones. Thankfully it has wheels.

But, friends, it’s always a crap shoot. It usually takes some negotiation because of its unusual and bulky size.

Tomorrow I fly out with Melissa Axel for the Durango Songwriters Expo in beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in California, with some gigs along the way. It’s my first time flying this case United, and I’m nervous.

Keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned!

1 thought on “Travelin’ Tuba part one?the case.

  1. ModernTuba

    Never posted my follow-up, but it bears mentioning:It was a good news day! The tuba sailed past United’s baggage check without so much as a single askew glance. It was real easy. I know United breaks guitars (, but they treat tubas with respect.Also, our tiny economy-sized vehicle rental was upgraded to a spacious touring van for FREE, which was fantastic for two people driving around with a tuba + luggage.


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